Engineering Staff that schedules tasks of maintenance or that is authorized to design mechanical / structural systems, modifications and repairs on the aircraft

As a result of the introduction of the new requirements in the legal framework established by the EASA/FAA, it is required that the Operators of commercial aircraft, Continuing Airworthiness Management Organizations (CAMO), Maintenance Organizations (Part 145) and all groups related to the aircraft are familiar with the requirements applicable to EWIS systems.

These new requirements have established to try the wiring and its associated components as another system of the aircraft, and as such, it has to be known by all groups related. It is, therefore, a mandatory course (compulsory).

Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed to everybody involved in the aviation sector, tailored to the appropriate level depending on their experience and their assigned work.

There are groups (Training Target Groups) that require different levels of mandatory knowledge about EWIS systems, depending on the greater or lesser relationship/involvement with the aforementioned systems during their job performance:

  • Groups 1 & 2: intended for qualified staff that performs the maintenance of EWIS
    • Group 1: Maintenance Personnel License B2
    • Group 2: Maintenance Personnel License B1
  • Group 3: intended for Engineering Staff authorized to design facilities, modifications and repairs that involve or affect EWIS systems
  • Group 4: intended for Maintenance Personnel License A or B1 that performs maintenance, general inspections on the aircraft or replacement and change of equipment
  • Group 5: intended for Engineering Staff that schedules tasks of maintenance or that is authorized to design mechanical / structural systems, modifications and repairs on the aircraft
  • Group 6: intended for staff whose functions would involve handling wiring systems of the aircraft.

This includes, but is not limited to, cleaning staff, loading and unloading, maintenance, toilets cleaning, de-icing, towing, information of flight operations, passenger transport in track and refuelling of the aircraft, among others.

  • 7 & 8 groups: intended for crew and flight cabin crew.
    • Group 7: Pilots and Flight Engineers
    • Group 8: Cabin Crew (CCM)

Objectives of the course

  • With this course you will gain full knowledge and skills about the installation, maintenance, repair, inspection and design of EWIS systems.
  • You will learn to detect damage on the EWIS systems and irregularities in the installation and maintenance.
  • You will get a complete overview about the process of troubleshooting, through a variety of exercises, on a voluntary basis.
  • In addition, other aspects such as handling manuals of electrical wiring, cleanliness and sources of contamination of EWIS or measuring instruments and tools.

Legislation that this course complies

This course has been developed under the training requirements of the regulations EASA Part 145 and Part M in relation to EWIS elements, as well as the Guidance Material Applicable EASA (AMC 20-21, AMC 20-22 and AMC 20-23). It complies with the training requirements in accordance with paragraphs 21.A.145 and 21.A.245 of Part 21, 145.A.30 and 145 .A.35 of the Parts 145 and M.A.706 of Part M with regard to EWIS.

Characteristics of the course

  • Language: available in Spanish, English and Portuguese
  • Modalities
  • Price: 90€ VAT-exempt
  • Duration: 9 hours of study.
  • Access time: 30 days from the time of access to the system
  • Evaluation system: in order to receive the Certificate and Diploma is necessary to pass a questionnaire with a minimum of 75%. A maximum of 3 attempts are allowed.